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US map | Wisconsin | Merrimac | Merry Mac's Campground

Merry Mac's Campground

(608) 493-2367
E12995 Halweg Rd
Merrimac, WI
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Average rating: 3 out of 5 (5 reviews)

 Anonymous post on Saturday, November 24, 2012
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We are getting the camping bug and it is November! Just received the camping information and have already picked dates for 2013! Merry Mac's Campground is definitely one of our kids favorite campgrounds. They are only young once and we enjoy them picking out our summer vacation spots. Check out their website and it will definitely be one of your family's favorite campgrounds as well!

 Anonymous post on Thursday, November 08, 2012
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We are getting ready to get together with family and friends over the holidays and Merry Mac's Camgpround is definitely on the top of our list to go camping! We are calling first thing January 1 to get our reservations in. We all have families with kids little ones to teen and they LOVE this place. Very clean, pretty friendly staff, and new stuff every year we go there! You can tell that they spend their off season getting ready for the next season! Thanks for this camping adventure Merry Macs!!

 Anonymous post on Monday, July 23, 2012
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I rented a park model C1 for my two kids and their family's. I rented campsite 23 for our camper.
Well any way the park model smelled funny when we checked in. As the night went on the smell of sewer got stronger and stronger. To the point of making my eye's water. At 8:30 , When Sarah and Andy would have liked to try to put their baby asleep for the night, I called down to the office and the young person that answered said everyone was too busy to come then, but maybe in 20 to 3o min. At 9:00 I walked up to the office and told the owner Pat ( who was too busy, because he was dishing out ice cream) that the smell was terrible and when was someone going to come? He said he would call his helper. We knew that was Bruce, the retired copp from town. He was just getting done driving the hay wagon around. We walked outside and watched as Bruce was on the phone. We watched as Bruce got off the phone and then proceeded to go to the pond area and Clean and straighten that area for the next 45 minutes. yea Wouldn't you be mad.
While we waited, we decided we better start making different arrangements. So Andy and Sarah moved all their stuff ( baby's pack and play) bedding and junk and set up in our camper) My son called his Dad in near by town and asked if he could stay there. My hysband and I decided we would drive home. Good thing we stopped drinking earlier, and didnít have too much too drink.
So Bruce came around 9:50 ish went in the door and said oh , that isn't that bad????? Then he went around back of the cabin and put something back on a pipe on the roof that had fallen off, said it must have happened when they did some fixing on the roof? So my husband said the cabin was not fit to sleep in. Bruce said he would send the owner over. So around 10:10 ish the owner comes to the cabin and still acts like he is being disturbed and annoyed that he has to come and do this. He goes in the cabin and comes out and says, well you can go to town and stay in a hotel? Not really sure if he was offering to pay for it or not. He said he would get some fans and open the windows and try to air the place out. He said we could leave our food and stuff there, and in the morning if the smell was gone, then we could stay there. So Jamie leaves and I finish helping Sarah get her stuff that she needs and before I left for home, ( about a Ĺ hour) the place smelled a lot better and would have been ok to sleep in. But It was too lateÖ.. any way the next day the cabin was fine. The owner did refund that night of the cabin.
So Saturday night we were all hanging around our campsite #23 , having smores and stuff and all of a sudden here comes a bunch of water down the road and went right under our camper, getting our blankets wet and our rug all wet. The guy that was back washing the filters at the pool let out too much water and it flooded us. Jamie went to talk to him and he said we should go ask for some blankets , but he asked why did we have our stuff outside any way?. (like it was our fault again) Well ( it wasnít going to be raining) I was getting things rearranged from the previous night of disruption. Any way, when I checked out the next day I told the owner about it and she also acted like it was nothing and that it was our fault we had our blankets outside and that it wasnít a big deal. I told her Jamie thought we should get a camping night free, because we didnít use the hotel they offered and we were displaced and the water flooding and she said she would get back to us. Well they said no. I will never go back there again.

 Anonymous post on Saturday, August 13, 2011
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We stayed in a park model, which is sort of like a mini trailer/mobile home. Ours was fairly clean, but didn't seem like the vinyl floor had been mopped. I always cover up any furniture with a sheet and i even bring extra pillowcases to put the throw pillows in. The kitchen was clean ... Bathroom wad clean as well. Mostly seemed like the floors and carpet needed a better vacuuming than their cordless shark vacuum. There were 2 air conditioners ... One in the living room, and one In the bedroom. The unit in the living room had a musty smell ... And the check filter light was on. Not sure, but I am guessing thatnthey need to regularly change the filter, and perhaps weren't doing that. The ceiling fan in the living room was broken, but the light did work. As far as amenities ... They were out of quite a bit of food the day after 2 buses full of day camp kids came to use the facilities (yippee .... NOT). But it appeared as though a shipment came the following day. The staff Was helpful ... Although a part-time worker was eating food while she prepared an order for my family. And in actuality, she 'forgot' about our lunch order, even though I was sitting at the lunch counter waiting for my border. Eventually another young lady came over to finish up our order. The blond young lady appeared to have better things that she would rather be doing than working at Merry Mac's.
Overall, I would recommend Merry Mac's campground.

 Anonymous post on Friday, July 15, 2011
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Our family had a recent reunion at the Merry Mac resort/campground--what a terrible disappointment. We stayed in the "cottages" which in reality, are trailer homes. My family shared the largest cottage which upon arriving appeared to be a renovated 60's or 70's era trailer with an addition built on. The beds were atrocious and thin mattresses wrapped in plastic were reminiscent of sleeping in a baby crib. It took me three days before I gathered the courage to sit on the living room furniture. The small/inadequate bathroom struggled to service our ten guests. It was particularly unattractive and unappealing to be welcomed into the "cottage/trailer home" with an automated air freshener that was perhaps installed to mask the smell of mold. Moister absorbing containers were hidden throughout. The other two cottages that we rented were of no better quality. Stay away from these cottages unless you enjoy sleeping with spiders and the smell of mildew.

There were many people at the "resort" that seemed to be enjoying themselves. However, these appeared to be people that had brought their own campers. The owners of the resort appear to be making a gallant effort, but have forgotten to take care of the people that are paying a premium price for the cottages. We had a great time in the Dells--in spite of our accommodations.

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Welcome to one of the BEST campgrounds in Wisconsin! Merry Mac's Campground is a family friendly campground nestled between the South shore of Devil's Lake and Lake Wisconsin. This 40 acre facility offers activities for all age groups: swimming pool, beach, swimming pond with water inflatables, jumping pillow, dunk tank, miniature golf, playground, sand volleyball, basketball, trykes and bikes, friendly camp store surrounded by Mother Nature's beauty!

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