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US map | Michigan | Munith | Robinhood of Sherwood Forest

Robinhood of Sherwood Forest

(517) 596-2165
7945 Dunn Rd
Munith, MI
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Average rating: 1 out of 5 (1 reviews)

 Anonymous post on Tuesday, September 10, 2013
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On Friday september 6th, I rode into Munith michigan around dinner time, and called for a campground to stay for the night before dark. I reached the Campground "Robinhood of Sherwoodforest " 7945 Dunn Rd, munith MI. 49259. I talked to a woman who said they had available sites, and I said I was 4 miles away on a bicycle and I'll be there after I ate something at the local pizza place. When I get there I am greeted warmly by michelle who had taken my call, I filled out my information and paid the $5 camping fee. Michelle with the cool Egyptian tattoos was nice enough to offer me even a empty campfire circle so if I was cold I could warm up by a fire and she showed me where I could plug in phone and bike light for charging, great hospitality. So I'm setting up my camping hammock using my bike light and she comes over and says the owner doesn't want camping hammocks on the property, then the owner drives up to me on a lawnmower and tell me to leave, he doesn't allow camping hammocks. I explain I had just rode 59 miles, and called ahead and it was now dark and I didn't feel safe riding the hilly country roads in the dark. He said he didn't care, no hammocks, he got belligerent and said he would call the cops. Michelle looked sad as she gave me my $5 back and I had to ride off in the dark to find a place to sleep after 9:30 at night. At this point I wasn't sure how much battery power my bike light had because I used it to set up and take down campsite. I was forced to sleep along the road in some woods.

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